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Re: netserver 4/66 LC

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netserver 4/66 LC

buenos dias
necesito el programa para configurar el bus EISA. al arrancar en la pantalla me pone "EISA configuration NVRam Bad Run Configuration Utility"
el servidor es un Netserver 4/66 LC
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Re: netserver 4/66 LC

Hi Jose jose,

Welcome to the forums.

Could you please post your question in English? This will help everybody in the Forum understand the query and allow them to participate as well.


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Re: netserver 4/66 LC

Good days I need the program to form the bus EISA. on having started on the screen it puts " EISA configuration NVRam Bad Run Configuration Utility " the server is a Netserver 4/66 LC.
Another problem is that I am looking for the file to create the boot disk and to form the BIOS of a Netserver 4/66 LC.
On having started it puts "CMOS checksum bad".
I have been looking in the help of HP but all the link do not work are they very old?
Thank you very much and pardon for my English