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netserver LH pro 200

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netserver LH pro 200

I have an old netserver LH pro 200 that I want to set up for learning at home. It is prod # D4840-60200. First does it have an integrated array controller? Second why is it impossible to find a downloadable version of the Navigator CD? I have tried every link that I can find but its either dead or in some foreign language. Seems like this should be a no brainer to find a link to this!!! Also need help with disk configuration setup. It has two 4.5 gig disks and one 9 gig disk. I would like to run win 2K, but I know it is not easy to do.
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Re: netserver LH pro 200

Hi Roger here is the page for the LH Pro,

if you desperately need a navigator CD I have version S.02.05 which has the LH Pro on. All of the questions on the forum say that the installation can be done without, so it is up to you if it is needed.
you can mail me on

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