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netserver TC-4100 slowing to a crawl

Dennis Davis
Occasional Visitor

netserver TC-4100 slowing to a crawl

my customer has a tc-4100 w/win 2k Server o/s running raid-5 1gig-ram.They are using MASS-90 acct.package.Problem is when more than 1 user logs on, the system slows to a crawl.They are using a 10/100 switch and all wkstations have 10/100 nics.Has anyone seen this problem using MASS 90?
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Re: netserver TC-4100 slowing to a crawl

The tc3100 has been known to slow if there is no eRMC card installed, and one or more of the DIMMs is attempting (unsuccessfully) to log single-bit errors. I don't know if this could affect the 4100, and admit, it doesn't match your symptom involving MASS-90 whatever that is. But it might be worth checking the system event log (if you can), to see if anything is generating system management interrupts all the time.