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netserver e 800/netraid 1si and windows xp

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netserver e 800/netraid 1si and windows xp

I want to install windows xp on a HP netserver e 800.

where can i found the driver disket for the netraid 1 si ?

Re: netserver e 800/netraid 1si and windows xp

Recently I tested Windows XP Home on a HP NetServer LC 3 that had a NetRAID 1Si card in it. Windows XP did not have a problem setting up the NetRAID 1Si and using it as the disk to instal itself on. Apparently the NetRAID presents a fairly generic interface to the OS. After I installed Windows XP I clicked on the automatic update to get fixes, etc for the OS. One thing that it downloaded was a different (better, newer??) driver for the NetRAID.

I eventually installed Windows XP Professional (to get the use of the dual processors) and the same thing happened â it automatically downloaded a driver for the NetRAID the first time I got the OS updates.

If you feel that you REALLY need to download a specific driver for the NetRAID 1Si, post back here and Iâ ll poke around the HP website and look for the dr