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netserver lh4 symbios scsi question

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netserver lh4 symbios scsi question

We have a Netserver Lh4, running Windows 2000 server. My issue is 2000 is installed on one of two existing 9.1 gig scsi drives (no RAID). In the BIOS, NetRAID is disabled, and Symbios is handling the drives instead of NetRAID. I want to convert these two drives to RAID (RAID 1 mirror for the C: drive, RAID 5 for the E: drive) by adding more drives to the server.

As I understand it, the Symbios does not support RAID. My plan was to enable the NetRAID in BIOS and create two logical drives using the NetRAID configuration tool to get these drives RAID'ed without blowing away my existing Windows 2000 installation. However, when I try this in the lab, I get a "Operating system not found" error, and the server won't boot.

My question is, can I get to where I want to go (convert the existing single drives to RAID's) without having to do a complete backup, blow the drives away, reinstall Windows 2000 server, and do a full restore? This server is a domain controller hosting the FSMO roles, and I really didn't want to screw with rebuilding it.

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Re: netserver lh4 symbios scsi question


have a look here:
Adding the Netraid driver prior to the reboot and change in the BIOS is needed.