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new Microserver Gen8 fails to install ESXI

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new Microserver Gen8 fails to install ESXI


i wanted to install ESXI on my new Server. I tried several install mediums und versions 5.5 and 5.1 from the recommended images from HP, but was not succsesful.

It ended in an PSOD after the grey and yellow screen. Last message on the grey/yellow screen is something with: loading module hpvsa.

I attached the following PSOD.

It says PCPU 1 locked up. Failed to ack TLB invalidate


I tried installing with only 1 active CPU. It goes over that point, but I get another failure.


Is my hardware broken? Who can help me.


best regards


Jimmy Vance
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Re: new Microserver Gen8 fails to install ESXI

Did you configure a RAID array on the B120i or do you have the disk controller running in plain SATA AHCI mode?  I'm not familiar with the HP VMware image, but if hpvsa is loading it works with the controller in B120i mode

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Re: new Microserver Gen8 fails to install ESXI



I'm having the same issue on a Gen8 MicroServer with the exact same error message. 


I have tried various versions and removed the logical volume as suggested to no avail.


One thing to note is that I have only the 2GB of RAM that the box is shipped with, I am aware that ESXi requires more and I intend to order some more soon, however I don't think this is the cause of my problem as many other people have done this without issue


This has been a problem for 3 days so far and I don't feel any closer to a solution so any help would be greatly appreciated.