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non-HP-harddrive in my proliant DL360 G5

peter pilsl
New Member

non-HP-harddrive in my proliant DL360 G5

Can I add any standard SATA-harddrive to my DL360 G5?

Or do I need special SAS-drives or does the DL360 G5 only accept original HP-drives.

Sorry if this question is stupid, but this is my first real server and I'm running a rather small company so costs are critical.

I decided to purchase the DL360 instead of the DL120 cause its hotswap and can hold more than 8GB, but now facing the costs of RAM and harddrives I begin to wonder if I can actually afford it :)

If I can add non-HP harddrives I would be very happy for some recommendations :)


Re: non-HP-harddrive in my proliant DL360 G5

I think you must understand differences in firmware between desktop and server disks.

In your PC in the event of BAD block your HDD try to retrieve data from disk, in event of server data consistency is a task of raid controller, so disk in server only report about physical problems with disk and serve other requests.

PC like firmware in HDD can result "lose disk" or "disk failure" situations as result of attempt to retrieve data from bad block.

I think non-HP branded HDD can work, but you lose Predictive failure notification, extended warranty, ability to cumulative firmware update and possible stability.

In most keys you data is more important then cost of HDD.