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ping: request, no request, request...

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ping: request, no request, request...

I have got 4 servers HP proliant. 3 are dl 360 g5 and one is dl 380 g5. Those
four with the same net problem. They have two net cards and a software
that it negotiates them. At the beginning we thought that it happened him/her alone to the server of domain.
These machines have less than one year. We have realized the problem now that we have put cable to the second net card.
They possess each one:
Two xeon 2.0ghz
SO w2k3 standard edition R2 x64, in English.
Without activating firewall of Windows.
Upgrades activated Windows and automatic.
The technical phone service of hp has just passed to its department of engineering this problem after many tests, they say that not they can make more.

When starting the servers, the connectivity with the wan or the net-lan, I want to say the ping –t or ping with my place of vpn doesn´t work, when pass a time it works a time, after other minutes again doesn´t work, and so.

Interesting data:
The problem sticks to alone beyond the router, since the connectivity with
the lan is normal.
Another server that we possess old, of another mark and with one net card,
doesn't have this problem.
We possess two routers with exit to Internet. Each one has created one
vpn with a different headquarters.
Other pc's with a net card, inside the lan and of the domain Windows in
that they are also the servers in question, with same DNS and the same one
gateway, they don't have this behavior.

Solution intents:
-Net configuration with another link door, since we have two
routers, and also also other DNS's, that is to say, not the dns of the server of
I dominate, but one of Internet.
-uninstall antivirus panda.
-Software upgrade HP network configuration utility, of firmware, of
driver and of bios.
-HP changed the motherboard that it integrates the net cards.
-Uninstall of devices of net , I restart and driver upgrade of net, as well as upgrade of the sw. The sw of net hp one is not able to unisntall, is not in to "add or to remove programs."
-Upgrade of different devices of Server with a package of HP called support pack.
-All the possible on configurations with the sw HP NUC.

Solution of urgency:
After restarting the servers, in net connections, to disable and to return
to enable the connection of net of the hp team. Or, directly to disconnect the one
net cord corresponding to the connection of secondary net. Or, to disable the
connection of secondary net.
Or, not to use the hp sw, to put them independent.

are you in favor of the windows upgrades?.
you have some advice, fight, helps, he/she devises, solution, solution intent
that to give me?.
Thank you ,and sorry about my english, i´m from spain.