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proliant 5000 and hot-pluggable drive

Rocco Ricobene
New Member

proliant 5000 and hot-pluggable drive

I have a proliant 5000 with the Smart 2/E SCSI adapter and three 9.1GB Ultra2 drives In a RAID 5 array.

I also have an Ultra3 hot-pluggable 18.2GB hard drive, spare part number 336382-001. I put it in the last available slot in the array but the RAID controller would not recognize it and then my system board began claiming CPUs 3 and 4 have failed. The system was fine until I added the new drive, and almost immediately after powering the system on a smell of something burning emanated from the power supply.

I have since replaced the system board and power supply.

Could the hot-pluggable drive have caused the damage to the system board?

Should I just remove the hard disk from the tray and put it in a non-hot-pluggable tray?

Any help would be appreciated.