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proliant 7000 162 error

Paul Jenkins_1
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proliant 7000 162 error

I am having a problem with a Proliant 7000, i keep getting a "162 system option not set" error at POST, i have installed a replacement battery and enabled it I have replaced the card that contains the battery but no joy. the server does not lose time or date and no change in the config occurs any ideas ?
Tarek Kawach
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Re: proliant 7000 162 error

Hi Paul:

Did you set the options in the bios. Boot to the SCU or F10 partion and make sure that system is configured.

if that dosenot work; then you will have to run Erase from the Erase utility without the drives connected; this will only erase your Nvram; and then reset the SCU F10 partion.

when running erase make sure no hard drives are connected to server.

Can run the SCU from smart start cd 5.50 or under; or also from floppy:

Compaq System Configuration Utility
version 2.58 A (17 Jan 02)

Compaq System Erase Utility
version 1.70 A (25 Apr 03)

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Re: proliant 7000 162 error

I've just also have just started to have this problem and followed the instructions that the Tech guy said but still don't work. Have you had any luck?