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proliant ml570 700mhz 4 processor install

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proliant ml570 700mhz 4 processor install

What is the correct smart start cd to use to rebuild this system, or if not, what is the method to build the server. I tried various smart start cd versions and none work. I added drives and want to reconfigure the system with one raid 5 array, then win2k3
Oleg Koroz
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Re: proliant ml570 700mhz 4 processor install

With ML570 G1 maximum supported for Boot 5.5
You need to use 5.x to set System Partition and ACU, after you have to load O/S Manually. Depend if your Integrated Smart Array Controller Flashed or you using more newer Smart Array models with F8 option over POST, you can limit your Self with SP19619 to configure Partition and after use F8 to Configure Array and after direct install, Prior any steps you have to run Erase utility.


Just in case if you use older controllers use SP6263


If ROC used flash it to 1.50 to enable F8