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quiet HP server?

Alex Geroulaitis
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quiet HP server?

Is there such a thing as a quiet HP server?

I realize it's a "loaded" question: how quiet is quiet? What kind of a server do you need?

So here is a short of it - and please do ask questions if I missed anything:

Need to have a 2nd small server acting as a Domain Controller, on my small business network. Would like to load WinServer 2008 64-bit on it, possibly in "core" mode.

Since all it will do, is secondary DC and AD duties, it doesn't need to be high end. A dual core CPU with two mirrored drives is probably more than enough. I would like however it to be 64-bit (for future OS compatibility), allow 16GB RAM or higher (to play with virtual machines), and to have server features such as ILO2.

I would like it to be rackmounted, 1U or 2U, and would like it to be quiet - as quiet as an HP workstation. (The main server we have, DL380 G5, is fairly loud.) We have a small office and no funds for a quiet rack or a separate closet / server room - hence the quest for quietness.

A DL160 G6 would have been great, but is it quiet?

Is there such as a thing as a quiet HP server?

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