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Re: re-install SBS 2003

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re-install SBS 2003

Hi there
how do I start the re-installation of SBS 2003 operating system?
SBS 2003 Cds provided are NOT service pack 1 and when I boot from these cds system does not see my raid drives?
I am new to servers and thought there may be a doc on web explaining this to me but cant find one.
Appreciate any help as to what are the first steps.
Emailed HP suppoprt with no reponse?!

Steven Clementi
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Re: re-install SBS 2003


It is likely that you need to load an additional RAID Controller Driver at the beginning of the Windows installation. The first thing the install prompts you to do is... "Press F6 to specify additional drivers"

Which model Server do you have?

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Re: re-install SBS 2003

Thanks Steve
I sort of realised this and attempted to do this many times..but system wont respond to F6 (it will respond to F2)

So it then goes through set up and then asks again for Raid drivers again when no mass storage is found but asks for them to be loaded into floppy!
This system has no floppy

System is just delivered Proliant Ml 110


Re: re-install SBS 2003

If you do not have a floppy disc then the only way is to create a new SBS boot disc and slipstream the drivers on to it. But if you are going to do that then you may as well do SP1 at the same time.

I think the quickest and easiest way will be to buy a floppy drive and cable from the local store and plug it in so you can do this (even if you don't mount it properly at the time).

Good luck
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Re: re-install SBS 2003

thats exactly what I did
on system boot it does NOT accept F6 to go into raid set up...
it then progresses to give me the opportuntity to set up from floppy
it does this
only to run through set up, load adpatec raid driver and then load windows saying it will load raid support
it then goes through all this to declare no mass storage is found and cant start....
this is incredibly frustrating fgor a person new to HP systems


Re: re-install SBS 2003

OK so it sounds like it's doing the right thing (check here:;en-us;Q314859)
but perhaps either the driver is not the right driver for the controller you have or there is some other problem with the hardware?

Was the server running before this? If so then we can probably rule out HP forgetting to plug the drives in, and that the RAID array is already configured.


Is this a G2 or G3 model? There is an advisiory that might be relevant if you have a G2 (or even G3?)...

It is really a G2 solution but perhaps try downloading the latest driver for the RAID controller and try that instead of the disc you created from the CD?

Go here for the G3 drivers:

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Re: re-install SBS 2003

well done!!!
its started loading

thanks very much
no help via phone or email was to the point

still think its a pretty rough way to ship a server!

thanks again!

Re: re-install SBS 2003

Glad I could help... up late? Either that or you are in Perth (Melbourne here).

What did it? (downloaded driver?) is it a G3?

I agree, if you have to reinstall you need a floppy drive and the driver discs. But you can put it down to a problem that you know how to solve from here on in! :)

Can you give me some points for the help?

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Re: re-install SBS 2003

Just got up again! Sydney time
It is Proliant G2 110
issues Ive had include
incorrect driver links sent by helpdesk,

The final one worked and needed to be copied to floppy - and although details say extract direct to floppy from zip file - you cant really as "txtsetup.oem" must be copied to root A drive so you need to extract to any folder first then copy contents of folder to floopy.

As stated system doesnt recognise F6 when booting - which was confusing - and re-install progresses with out instlaling raid until about half way through and then re-prompts for mass storage drivers where floppy can be used.

After talking to help desk they also mentioned that only certain floppy usb drivers will work in this case and this was one that they sold me for $125!

They agreed it was ridiculous that this wasnt part of standard set up if it an essential requirement to do this and that they were getting a lot of calls re this????

I have now just woken up to see I have got a similar issue with one of my nics(the reason why I re-installed was to add one NIC) which was ok on SBS2003 SP1 - but is not being recognised by SBS2003 (Not SP1) as provided on the shipped CD's.

thanks again


Re: re-install SBS 2003

Hey there Scott,

$125! For future reference an internal floppy only costs about $20. I have a client with an ML110 and remember thinking it was crazy (Although come to think of it a new ML350 I just bought might not have one either).

As for the F6 issue, this is actually how it works. You hit F6 and nothing really seems to happen until later on in the setup when it comes to the point where it needs to load the drivers. It doesn't happen when you hit F6 which is confusing but that's MS not HP.

You reinstalled to add a NIC as you don't have to be that extreme to change the networking of SBS (although there are a few things you need to get right).

Good luck with it all. I look after several SBS setups so if you want more help with anything specific email me at moneypenny X meppy Y com (replace the X with @ and Y with a dot)