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Re: regarding windows NT problem

Occasional Contributor

regarding windows NT problem

i have a HP NETSERVER LC 2000 and in this server the boot error message is coming
winnt root >\system32\ntoskrnl.exe
please any body can reply to me.
tell me one thing more that how i can access boot menu means pressing F8 , it is not going to emergency repair option
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Re: regarding windows NT problem


There is no F8 repair option in NT.

The only way ist to boot from a NT-CD and chose the "R" option in setup to get NT repaired.

But be carefull, if the system had been running for some time don't let the repair option exchange the registry or all changes and software installations are lost.

First just try to repair the boot environment, if this fails, you could use the option to replace the system files, but you have to reinstall the service pack after this.

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Re: regarding windows NT problem

actually i before used your suggestions but there is SCSI HDD so i am not able to use the "R" repair option.
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Re: regarding windows NT problem

When prompted by the Windows NT installation media, press the F6 key to load the mass storage driver (SCSI driver) from floppy.