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i have recently purchased an lh6000r server.
os is windows nt.Now the problem is that sometimes the system suddenly hangs with a bluescreen with the message "hardware malfunction contact hardware support".I checked the LCD screen in the screen.It shows"memory-multiple bit error in slot8.
system is having 2gb ram(4X512mb in slots 1a,2a,1b and 2b)when i checked with toptools it says that the problem is in slot 3a.but no memory module is installed on that slot. Can any body throw light in to this?

thanks in advance



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Varghese Mathew
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Re: server

Hi Renjith,

As the different diagnostics tools show errors on different slots, there is something fishy. First thing you should see is, all the contacts are proper, then see that latest firmwire is loaded on your machine.

Even after doing all the above if the errors persist, you can verify if any two memory cards are faulty by keeping any two pairs of RAMs on each of the slots - so you will be able to diagnose it step by step. If the system gives same type of contradictory errors you may get the system board replaced, where the memory cards are plugged in. Please come back in case any more queries.
Cheers !!!