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setting up a DL380 G3 with MSA 500 for a retouching studio

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setting up a DL380 G3 with MSA 500 for a retouching studio

Hello guys and gals,

so we are almost there, ready to setup up our new retouching studio, we will be located within another company, which we will call HOST, however we are still en independent entity, they will provide us with network infrastructure/uplink to the internet via 2Gbit link. we will be providing support/service to the HOST company as well as servicing our current and future customers. therefore we need to implement some security features to the setup.

I am not sure how to do this completely ;-) ofcourse quite important in this day an age.

Also, and i am not sure if this is possible but can one use two network cards to run twice as fast. So every device is using two NIC to connect.

I currently don't have a router, so i will need some input here as well. Managed or unManaged. We will to start with be less then 10 computers but it could go up.

Currently my server is a HP Proliant DL380 G3 (yes it is a bit old) but still a 3.2Ghz dual Xeon with 2Gb of ram and 6x 18Gb 15k SCSI U320 and I am about to install the battery backup Cache Module

as for storage I have a HP Smart Array cluster Storage MSA-500 G1 with 14x 73Gb 10k SCSI U320

I have to confess I am a bit out of my league here, building and maintaining workstations is fine but servers are a different kettle of fish.

Operating system is currently windows server 2003 standard.

What will be the best way of setting all this up or if someone know of a good fast and reliable setup, please share