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setting up a Proliant 8000

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setting up a Proliant 8000


Please help.

i am trying to install windows 2000 on a proliant 8000.

I am getting a message stating that i need to configure an array. Before i call the experts, please can someone tell me the steps/checks i need to take. I have smartstart but it is not compatiable.

These are the instructions on screen

slot 10 compaq smart array 4240es controller (rev a, v1.10) 0 logical drives
1785 slot 10 Drive not configured.
Run compaq configuaration utility.

scanning for scsi devices.... no scsi devices detected

press "F1" key to continue
f9 key for key for default configuaration menu
f10 for system partition utilities

(non-system disk or disk error)

My task is to set up the harddrives I have inserted the hard drives in the top row of the drive bay (0-5)
I am new to this and would welcome a brief on what my first steps are?

Justin Weier
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Re: setting up a Proliant 8000

I have recently purchased the same model (8000) and I am having the same problem. I have been searching HP's Site for the last three days, but every time I find something that seems useful it turns out to be useless. If you have figured out what the problem was, please post.
Hugo Lyons
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Re: setting up a Proliant 8000

Dear Justin,

I got your note.

If i can help you, i will. I have a very basic knowledge on servers so am not an expert. I have the proliant working now and its a very powerful box, you will find i am sure.

Its taken me the best part of 6 months to finally get it all sorted. The initial problem was solved by using the correct version of smartstart. I think this is key. If you like i can go through my notes and find out exactly which version i used in the end.

Good luck. Hugo.
Stephen Kebbell
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Re: setting up a Proliant 8000


you would need SmartStart 5.50 configure the array and install Windows.
Download an ISO Image here:

Then when the server is installed you can get the latest drivers here: