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sl230s motherboard revisions


sl230s motherboard revisions

I have 8 sl230s blades in an S6500 chassis that keep showing the dreaded ilo error.

I'm playing a very frustrating game of Whac-a-mole with these blades.

After I get ilo running again, so long as the server is not shut down, it seems to run everything just fine. However, when a board gets shut down, I never know if it will come back ok or not.

I can get brand new motherboards but I cannot find any information on revisions.

All of these seem to be candidantes but which are newer or older? I read somewhere that one version had to be sent back to the factory for some sort of fix that could not be done via software. I'd sure like to avoid that one.




Re: sl230s motherboard revisions


I dont think we can find the Revision numbers.
Here is an article that I found for one of the part number mentioned.



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Re: sl230s motherboard revisions

This helped me solve the problem. It was something shared to me on another site.


Some of those are for SL250s, not SL230s. Which server do you have? [EDIT - some boards will do either, 741758-001 for example]. The -B21 part nos are not motherboards, they are whole servers blades (left/right) so include metalwork. - 650050-006
All the others have same part no described as ASSY, PCA, SL2x0 Gen8 IVB MB Enhanced VR

650050-001 is the same thing but not ROHS - has lead based solder etc. Just as good and you're keeping lead out of landfill by using it.
Lists 733171-001 or 741758-001 lists 801945-001 as replacement lists  801946-001 as replacement

What a minefield! But since yours were built with the original boards any original or later board will work, the rule of thumb is the higher number is a later part and the later parts will do as replacement for the earlier parts but not necessarily the other way around.

So any of the part numbers you listed originally will work, the -B21 versions with the metalwork are just as good as they'll have either the original or later motherboards in them.


Re: sl230s motherboard revisions

669290-001 doesn't work as a replacement. The RPS cable doesn't fit the board, the slots are different. The pins seem to be the same count but the connectors don't line up. On the current board, the female connector is is grey and on the 669290-001 it's white.