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smart array 3200 to 5300 migration


smart array 3200 to 5300 migration

i have to upgrade a 5500 4x Xeon 500 froma 3200 to a 5304/128 smart array:

i would like to know if the disk array configuration and logical units are preserved or i must reinstall the system.

which is the correct procedure ?

Oleg Koroz
Honored Contributor

Re: smart array 3200 to 5300 migration

Assuming your Server is up to date with SW and HW firmware
1. Install 5300 Controller to any following Slot, no cables connected to it
2. Access to F10 Update system Partition with newly added HW
3. Boot to O/S Install Driver 5.62 or 5.64
4. Restart Server, access to F10 change Boot Controller Order to 5300
5. Save Settings, when System Cycling, Power Down and Move SCSI cables to 5300
6. Power up â should work

You can Modify F10 HW Boot order and HW after as desired