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storage capacity of the lH3000

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storage capacity of the lH3000

i have a lh3000 with a integraded HP NTRaid controller on one array i use 3 disk of 36 GO in raid 5
is it possible to ugrade this raid 5 without reformat the actual config?exemple with 2 disk of 36 GO more

and what it s the maximal capacity of disk of the Lh3000?
can i use this config:

5 disks 73GO on raid 5 + 1 hot spare 73 GO
with this config my storage capacity will be 243 GO can i install this config on the 2 canals with a second hpntraid controller

thank in advance

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Re: storage capacity of the lH3000

If you are running NT or win2000:

Yes you can. Using netraid assistant, you can add the capacity to the existing array. Netraid assistant is available from the navigator CD or from here:

Download the one labeled:

Utility for HP NetRAID-1M/2M, NetRAID-1Si/3Si, Integrated NetRAID, NetRAID-1, NetRAID (Windows NT4, Windows 2000)
24-Jun-02 ut_ntw2k_nr_nra_b0200.exe
English 6.18 MB

You can do the upgrade while in the OS, or you can boot from the Nav CD and run the netraid assistant. Once you are in netraid assistant, highlight the new drives marked as ready in the physical drive view. Then highlight the array you want to add the drives to in the logical drive view. Then from the Logical Drive pull down menu, select change config, then add capacity. Now this will take some time and would go faster with no users accessing the system.

If you are running other OS's, it depends on the OS.

And if you were to add 73GB HDD, 5 in a RAID 5 + 1 Hotspare would give you 292GB of storage (4x73GB = 292GB you lose one drive due to parity). This is per cage. If you had 2 cages with 73GB HDD you would have almost .6TB.