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tc 2110 on Windows Server 2008

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tc 2110 on Windows Server 2008

Hi all,

I would like to upgrade the operating system of my tc2110 from Windows Server 2003 to Windows Server 2008.
Since I have not found the Windows Server 2008 drivers in the tc2110 downloads page, I would like to know if:
1. The tc2110 is compatible with the Windows Server 2008
2. Where I can find WS 2008 drivers, or, as alternative, if can use the Windows Server 2003 drivers

Thank you very much.
kris rombauts
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Re: tc 2110 on Windows Server 2008


the TC2110 is not supported/tested on WS2008, so you'll be on your own when you run into problems.

Any specific need why you want to go to WS2008 on such a older server ?



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Re: tc 2110 on Windows Server 2008

Hi Kris,

thank you very much for reply.

There are no specific needs to upgrade to WS2008.

The environment is very simple because I work alone as free-lance solution developer/architect: the tc2110 (DC) and my workstation (hp xw9300).

I was thinking about upgrading the tc2110 just because I would like to have the OS up-to-date.
Since the tc2110 is the very first server I bought for my home/office I decided I will never dismiss it ;) - even because it is doing it work perfectly with WS2003 (just a 2 pc domain controller).

After your reply I am very unsure about upgrading, even because the WS2008 is very different from the WS2003.

Thank you very much for reply

Daniel Leblanc
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Re: tc 2110 on Windows Server 2008

Now let see..if you could work.

Do you want want to might be fragile..SLOWWW..!

Had this time any how you are on you're own because this server is out of waranty?

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Re: tc 2110 on Windows Server 2008

Hi, I still have a tc2110 with Windows server 2000. it is not running properly at the moment and I'd like to upgrade it to server 2003.  I posted my questions elsewhere on the forum but hoped that by also posting here, one of you that has experience with running 2003 would be able to offer assistance.


I've already run into these 3 problems.

1. the BIOS I downloaded doesn't fit on a floppy. Can I use a ISO CD or am I missing something simple?

2. What version of SmartStart should I use to set up the RAID for mirrored drives? The v. 7.3 will not run on this system.  I'm sure the original CDs are here somewhere but I'd like to know what version I should be hunting for.  Or should can I rebuild without having to redo the RAID

3. Where do I find what version of SCSI RAID controller is in the machine?


Thank you!