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ultra3 attached to an ultra 2 chain

derrick church
Occasional Contributor

ultra3 attached to an ultra 2 chain

Ok here is my situation

Customer old Compaq 330 GL server
3 SCSI Hard Drives
9.1 GB Ultra 2 with 7200 speed
Configured in a RAID 5 array.

One of the hard drives failed, SCSI 1 ID. Sales orders the part. Tech goes on site and finds the drive that failed SCSI 1 ID. Replaces the drive with new one. Turns machine back on and it just sits there at the logical drive discovered and never moves from there.

Find out that the drive was the wrong part, it was a SCSI Ultra 3 10000 speed.

Put the old drive back on and now to at least put it back to the way it was while we wait for correct part.
Problem the drive will not boot anymore off the RAID.
Looking for Boot.ini file, create a BOOTDISK and then it looks for the HAL file. Go into recovery console to copy HAL file over but access is denied to folder and errors coming up un able to connect to directory enumeration, or something like that.

Did research on the error seems that the drive is corrupted, tried everything, fixboot, fixmbr, chksdsk, repair, ERD, nothing. Looks like we will have to do a complete restore and do it from backup.

My question, would the ULTRA 3 drive that was put in cause all this damage? would it freaked out my ultra 2 drives?