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warranty related questions


warranty related questions

I have been trying unsuccessfully to order a replacement hard drive for one of my servers for the past two weeks. I have a few questions about the policies and procedures for something like this.

1. The serial number of the server should, reasonably be unique. Why do I need "product number" to check warranty?

2. How do I find "product number" for a Proliant DL385 G1 server running RHEL 5.2 if I do not have physical access to the box?

3. How do I respond to emails from HP support without getting "your case could not be found"?

4. Why does HP support requires "identification number" for the drive even after I provided the part number for it?

5. How do I get the "identification number" for the hard drive if I do not have physical access to the box?
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Re: warranty related questions

Hi Dmitri,

1 the answer of this one is connected with the fact that from the PN : xxxxxx-yyy the xxxxxx is identifier for the product, let's say it simple xxxxxx = DL380g4 and the yyy is identifying the revision of this product, it also can mean some additional info, but in all cases the SN must be enough for finding the warranty of the server.

2. Try this tool if You have a proliant , It must collectalso the PN of the server
Or check the Rom Based Setup Utility (RBSU) by booting the server

3. I can only tell you what is the syntaxis for the german speaking world, but possibly it functions for all regions of the HP support. Hp has transition of the system, so the emails are attached on other servers.
TO: / CC: HPsupport_reply
Subject : <1234567890>

4. I have no idea :)

5. try running an ADU report with the Smart Start CD (if it is proliant)

I hope this helps resolving the issue with this replacement

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