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Re: what is UID and iLO?

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what is UID and iLO?

I just received a new ML370G4 server and reading the docs it mentions a UID and iLO. I am lost as to what these are. is there a section on the web site that explains them or where can I find info about them.
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Re: what is UID and iLO?

Get the HP Proliant ML370 G4 Documentation CD.
you'll find aswers there.

UID switch and LED.
blue: activated
flashing blue: system being managed remotely
off: deactivated.

iLO indicates your server supports iLO-based managment.
take a look at:

tell me if you don't have the CD I mention and I'll find the URL with the document for you.

hope it helps.
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Re: what is UID and iLO?

Here's the URL I promised:
pages 10 thru 13.
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Re: what is UID and iLO?

Thank you for your reply. I do have the Document CD and have printed it out. The only reference to the UID and iLO shows where the conector, switch and the LEDs are and what the different colors mean. I would like to know what their purpose is and how they are used? Guess I should have been more percise in my initial question, sorry for that. Again thank you for your assistance thus far.

John Miller
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Re: what is UID and iLO?

The UID switch/LED is for object identification. Imagine a cabinet full of 1U servers and you need to work on a single one. Is it the fifth or the sixth, counted from bottom? What happens if you miscount and turn the wrong one off?

You can easily press the ID switch at the front of the server or at the back (and I think you can even turn it on through the iLO's web interface). The blue LED will light at the front and the back of the server. It is blue so it can't be confused with a normal status indicator.