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D2[67]00 Disk Enclosure firmware 0147

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D2[67]00 Disk Enclosure firmware 0147

What happened to firmware version 0147 for the D2[67]00 disk enclosures? Only version 0131 shows on the website. Was 0147 bad? Accidentally removed? Some other reason?


I called the HP customer servicedesk. They told me I should use the version on the website. They could not tell me why version 0147 was no longer available. This means I have to downgrade some servers to 0131.


I would very much like to know what happened to version 0147.

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Re: D2[67]00 Disk Enclosure firmware 0147

While I dont see the version 0147, I do see version 0146 available:



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Re: D2[67]00 Disk Enclosure firmware 0147



I have checked with R&D. I received a response that the firmware has been taken off for further testing with no further ETA on when it will be up. 


It seems they might be testing new functionalities. Only time will tell with the updated release notes. :)



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