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Second D2600. What would be wise

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Second D2600. What would be wise

We recently purchased a second D2600 wich will be added to our first d2600 pure and only for backup/restore.


We now have 4 logical drives on the first d2600 and it's maxed out. So no room left.


12.8 TB




The 12.8 tb drive is our backup drive for our virtual machines.


As we are currently in the progress of migrating our physical servers to vmware machines that disc is likely to grow in the comming weeks/months.

Expanding the drive now will take ages cause it has to transform all the other drives aswell so quickly adding some tb's with 1 d2600 took way to long imho.

Now that we have a second D2600 im wondering what is wise to do. Create a new array and move only the 12.8 tb disc for our virtual backup to that array for easy expanding etc.. or should we just expand the array across the 12 extra discs.

If anyone could share some of their experiences i would be much obliged.