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e200 Switch the Arrays

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e200 Switch the Arrays



I have e200 controller with 4 disks.

- Array "A" - 2x250 in 1st and 2nd slot

- Array "B"-  2x500 in 3rd and 4rd slot. 


In array "B" there is an installation of ESX 5. 


The problem is that i can't boot, because ESX is on 2nd array. So how can i switch the Array letters or how to set second array as bootable or something ?


Thx :)





Re: e200 Switch the Arrays

Hi Kris, 


Please refer the Configuring Arrays on HP Smart Array Controllers Reference Guide


Refer Page: 59/60


Setting the boot volume
This procedure is only available in the offline environment.
The boot volume is the volume that contains the OS and its support files. To work properly, the boot volume
must be accessible by the designated boot controller. See "Setting the boot controller (on page 59)."
<target> modify [bootvolume=primary|secondary|none]
where <target> is a controller and a logical drive.
Example commands:
controller slot=1 ld 1 modify bootvolume=primary
controller slot=1 ld 2 modify bootvolume=secondary
controller slot=1 ld 1 modify bootvolume=none