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Clustering in PPM


Clustering in PPM

Hi Team,


I am new bie in PPM. Can anyone of you please me the steps for PPM Clustering? I read the installation guide, but could  not get much out of it. Also, please help me in as well.


Thanks in advance,


Best Regards,


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Re: Clustering in PPM

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Assuming you are in WINDOWS; here are the basic steps.

  1. Open $PPM_HOME\Server in windows explorer and there will be one folder with the server name. Say 'HPPPM’, I am using this name in below steps.

  2. Now  create the Services Node First. Copy the contents of say ‘HPPPM’ (or any other name) and paste it in the same folder with Name ‘HPPPM_SERVICE’.

  3. Open the Server.conf present in $PPM_HOME and go to the end of the file and paste the contents below as shown below.
        A.) The server name value should be same as ‘com.kintana.core.server.SERVER_NAME’ entered above.              (HPPPM_SERVICE)
        B.) Make sure the ports are NOT conflicting with the values above @node (for more details take help from Admin guide).



  4. Add the following lines above @node and save the server.conf file.



  5. Run from $PPM_HOME/bin

  6. Open CMD and run the following commands under $PPM_HOME and it will create the windows service.

    C:\PPM\bin>ksvc remove-all
    C:\PPM\bin>ksvc install-all


  7. Run the under $PPM_HOME/bin and provide the cluster zip file name as ‘’ which is present in $PPM_HOME/bin directory. (it might have some other name as well based on your PPM version)

  8. Run from cygwin window and resolve all sanity errors. (example - port conflict, deployment etc...)

  9. Start the PPM nodes as ‘Windows Service’. Go to Windows RUN (press Windows+R key) and enter "services.msc".
    In Windows Service Manager go to HPPPM service, start it (wait until it is compeletly up) and then finally Start HPPPM_Service service (service node).

You are done with clustering..... Enjoy!!!




Utkarsh Mishra

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Re: Clustering in PPM

Thanks a lot Utkarsh for sharing the info. Its quite helpful.However, i could not understand your step 2 completely.


Eg. if my ppm is in C:/PPM


then should i copy the contents of HPPM folder 



c:/server/HPPM1 HPPM1 is new node here.


 both are on same machine, right?


Also, we have the same server.conf files stored on both the nodes, right?




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Re: Clustering in PPM

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If your directory structure is say C:/PPM/Server/HPPM then


  1. Clone the HPPM folder in same location with name  HPPM_SERVICE i.e. it will be like C:/PPM/Server/HPPM_SERVICE

So your directory structure after clone would be like



                            /HPPM_SERVICE    (remember it is the clone of HPPM)


Secondly server.conf is only one for clusture in same machine and it is in location C:/PPM; so even if you create more than 2 node there will be only 1 server.conf.


You just need to append the @node parameters in server.conf accordingly and also a clone directory in PPM/Server.

Utkarsh Mishra

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