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Default value for KNTA_PROJECT_PHASE.

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Default value for KNTA_PROJECT_PHASE.


I want to use custom data list validation "My custom phases" for field with token KNTA_PROJECT_PHASE on my project request. But by default on project creation HP PPMC sets this field to "Project".

I've tried to set one of "My custom phases" values as default in field settings. It hasn't helped.
Also I've configured "on creation" advanced rule to fill the field with particular value. It hasn't helped either.

Is there a way to set KNTA_PROJECT_PHASE default value different from "Project"?

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Default value for KNTA_PROJECT_PHASE.

I am pretty sure this is an OOTB field that can not be changed.

What are you trying to do, why create a Project and then change the "Project" identifier.


You can create a new field, use your validation, and set it to whatever you want.

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Re: Default value for KNTA_PROJECT_PHASE.

Hi kwood55!

I want to use this field because it's not just project identifier, but it's PHASE - as it's stated on project Overview page ("Overall Status" section at the top). And this PHASE must not be mixed up with project phases that our business users use (Initiation, Analysis and so on).
That's why there are two ways:
- to hide this "system" PHASE from Project overview page (I don't know how to do it)
- to set custom values to this field

The second way seems to be more realistic. I can set custom validation to the field and after choosing it's value and saving the project - everything is OK (new value is applied). BUT right after creation (before the first saving) it has value "Project" anyway.

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Re: Default value for KNTA_PROJECT_PHASE.

It may not be as hard as you think to remove "Phase:" from the project overview page.

It will take someone (Admin) with a little experience recompiling the PPM web pages and jsp knowledge.


The "Phase:" and PHASE_MEANING are displayed with ViewProject.jsp

There are two of them (ViewProject.jsp) one in the path of HPPPM and the other in the background path.


Do you have a test/development system to try changes?

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Re: Default value for KNTA_PROJECT_PHASE.

Yes, we have test environment.

What do you mean by "background path"? And what's the difference between these two files?

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Re: Default value for KNTA_PROJECT_PHASE.

The two files ViewProject.jsp are identical.
On Windows there are two PPM services running.
One is HPPPM and the other is background.

On my PPM system the files are at:
<PPM Install Dir>/server/background_services_node/deploy/itg.war/WEB-INF/jsp/pm/project/ViewProject.jsp
<PPM Install Dir>/server/HPPPM/deploy/itg.war/WEB-INF/jsp/pm/project/ViewProject.jsp

- make changes to both ViewProject.jsp files. (use some config control here - keep original copy)
- Recompile the PPM web pages:
   - Stop PPM on the App Server (HPPPM then Background)
   - Delete "tmp" and "work" folders and subfolders.
   - Logon to Cygwin as administrator
      - Run sh  
      - Run sh
- Restart the PPM App server (or start the services)
- Test your changes.

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Re: Default value for KNTA_PROJECT_PHASE.

It works!

I've just removed appropriate <td> cells in jsp.

Only one thing - it's required to make changes not in ViewProject.jsp but in ViewProjectNew.jsp (maybe it's because we have HP PPMC 9.2.?)


Thanks a lot!

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Re: Default value for KNTA_PROJECT_PHASE.

Great !!!


I am running PPM 9.12

Expect to upgrade to 9.20 sometime in January.


I may be asking you questions in January...