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Importing XML File - Creating Requests (PPM 9.10)


Importing XML File - Creating Requests (PPM 9.10)

All, I've been advised that PPM offers the ability to load XML files as a means of creating requests.


"PPM is setup to import request from XML, if you login as Admin you should see the menu choices for importing XML files.   The instructions are pretty straight forward.  You can also use the data migrator that is available with PPM/APM, or the PSO excel import utility."


Can someone direct me to the location for where I'd initiate this functionality?  I'm also curious where the documentation resides that would explain how to use it.



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Re: Importing XML File - Creating Requests (PPM 9.10)

You can find the import utilty link under Open->Demand Management-> Import Request from XML


or here is the general link





Secondly you won't be able to find the PSO excel import utility in PPM.... can you share you email ID, I can forward that utility to you.

Utkarsh Mishra

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Re: Importing XML File - Creating Requests (PPM 9.10)

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Can you please share that file with me? I am having issue using Data migrator with PPM