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In Search criteria not getting data


In Search criteria not getting data

Hi Experts,


When I'm trying to search the data from 'search Request type  ' it is not getting correct data.

For example for a request having field 'x' ,I can see data(Field-x) when i open the request .But it is not appearing in the Search request criteria results data,I have checked from backend also it looks good.But it is not for all the requests.We are getting this problem for only some requests.


Thanks in advance.



Re: In Search criteria not getting data

Hello Satish,


If i understand you correctly, you are mentioning some value i Search window for a field and when clicked on search the Request having the field value as say 'x' is not being listed. however the request has hte field value set as 'x'.


if your problem statement is true as per the understanding above, try doing any of hte below options

1) See if hte include closed check box is selected to list requests if are Closed.

2) Use Query builder and mention the filter as Query and in combination with (1)

3) Use any report/portlet which may have this field as filter to list


Hope this helps resolve your query.


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Re: In Search criteria not getting data

Thanks Bharath,




Re: In Search criteria not getting data

Hi Bharath,


Im getting data from the Query as i have previously checked from backend also.So No Problem on this.


But when the Search criteria im not getting,we want the solution/root cause for this because as user will get the data from search criteria itself.