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SP6 Release Notes


SP6 Release Notes

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Got an email this morning that 7.1 SP6 is available. Anyone had any luck finding release notes for it? A search for the SP only returns the page for the download.

Thx -Joec


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Re: SP6 Release Notes

Hi Joe,

Had the same problem, got it with a Support Request (per mail). But now it is available in the Downloads.


Stefan Bienz
Cirrus Consulting AG
Respected Contributor

Re: SP6 Release Notes

There are three documents released for SP6 (as usually it is with every SP release),

1. The SP release document
2. The updated compatibility matrix document and
3. The platform overview document

As a good practice all these three docs should be referred (3 is abbreviated version of 2). All these three docs are available at the Product Download section.

Re: SP6 Release Notes

Yeah, saw that they are in the download section now. Thanks!