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Sending Notification Mails for 2 users.

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Sending Notification Mails for 2 users.



I have a field which is named "Resource Managers" this field has multiple input with different Managers.


I want to send a notification email for this Resource Managers. How can I do this with PPM ? 



In PPM DB, It is in kcrt_req_header_details table and looks like below. I can fix  '#@#' to ";" but still I cannot send emails to users.


Parameter7 :30366#@#30328


Visible_Parameter7:John Doe#@#John Wayne



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Re: Sending Notification Mails for 2 users.

What is the Component Type/Validation for your field "Resource Managers".

I would suggest Auto Complete List (Multi-Select Enabled) and a validation that holds User Id, Username, Email.


If your notification comes from a workflow - simply use the User Defined Token for "Resource Managers". The Recipient Type would be User ID.


It will never work if "Resource Managers" is a text area.