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12 things to take to HP Protect

Sri_Karnam ‎09-10-2013 01:08 PM - edited ‎07-07-2015 10:33 AM

Attending a technology or user-conference is a must if you are in the information space. This is where you meet great people, listen to new information, see cool new things, and gain insight and ideas on how to do things 10x better.

I must admit that I get nervous breaking out of the office for almost a week—which is very expensive. So I need the right tools and mindset to ensure that my time spent is worth it.


With the HP Protect security conference right around the corner, I thought I’d share some ideas on what I am taking so that you can get some ideas:


  • Smart Phone: I simply cannot manage my day without it. I have used both Android and iPhone, (but I am not going to debate on personal choice). What’s the use of the phone if it’s dead? So primary criteria is to have a battery case (iPhone) or back up battery (Android). Your phone does a lot of work for you.  (There will also be an electronics charging station available on the show floor.)
  • Apps: I have downloaded the HP Protect event app from the AppStore. I am keeping my entire schedule in it.  It is the best way for you to keep your selected sessions at your fingertips. It also has a floor plan so you can easily find what you need like restrooms or lunch space. Secondly, there is a specific app called Aurizma, an augmented reality app, which scans the QR code and enables you with additional info such as demo, collateral and other things directly into your phone. These Aurizma enabled QR codes are everywhere on the signage. It also helps you win some cool stuff on the floor.
  • Tablet/ light laptop: I am going to be out-of-office for few days, but work will not stop. So I stil need to check emails and keep working (slow but continuously). I double check to make sure I have my laptop/ iPad, chargers, VPNs, USB stick, adapter if I am going to a different country, and a decent padded bag that will forgive me when I drop the bag few times J
  • Business cards: Attending a conference means that you get the opportunity to meet cool people. You meet everyone from your role model to people who may need your mentoring. I hand out my business cards when I want them to remember me.  Or people often ask me for my business card after the breakout sessions or meetings to continue the discussion. Having plenty of business cards is not just about collecting and dumping business cards in the bag or in table draw (like I have done many times).  They allow you to use one of the apps on your phone where you can capture the picture, make some notes and the app connects you on LinkedIn and sends a thank you email so that you are actually connected and engaged.
  • Breath mints and Chapstick: This is something you ought to have when you are drinking coffee, eating food, and talking all-day.
  • More phone apps: I use my phone the most when I am traveling. I take pictures, check-in on Facebook, look for good places to hang-out, check maps, look at my tickets, Uber my taxi, etc. So make sure that you have all your data sync’d with your phone and that everything is up to date.
  • Notepad: Nothing beats writing information and notes down on a notepad, in spite of carrying so many gadgets. A quick note in sessions, meetings, keynotes, booths and meetings will help you remember that one URL, work, book, restaurant, company, or contact and make the whole voyage worth your trip.
  • Cash: Last time I was in D.C, taxis constantly preferred cash. Maybe it was just those two or three cabs, but I would carry some cash. I stay in downtown and use Uber  so this time I may be ok.
  • Museums to visit: Make a list of your top two or three in D.C. The museums are plentiful and free; I would definitely like to catch up on culture by making time for seeing one or two.
  • Running shoes: D.C is spread out. Whether you are going for museums or tourist places, you walk a lot. So I bring my running/ walking shoe to assist me with walking. (And maybe some moleskin too.)
  • Rockin’ Concert Clothes: I want to feel comfortable when I am at the celebratory concert. At Protect music is provided by Pat Monahan and Jimmy Stafford of Train. (I also hear they make some wine.)
  • Smile: Conferences are for fun. You are traveling, meeting new people, making friends, strengthening or building your network. I always need my smile. 

I look forward to meeting you at HP Protect. It promises to be an exciting week filled with announcements and the latest information on threats and attacks. 


If you are wondering where to register for the event, click here.

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