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Announcing HP ArcSight Application View

markpainter ‎09-17-2013 06:10 AM - edited ‎09-11-2015 10:21 AM

With the evolution of threats targeting applications as the weakest link in the security

ecosystem, it’s becoming more and more difficult to keep your information safeguarded.  Many security applications have no logging capabilities built in, especially, custom applications.  That leaves you with zero visibility when it comes to potential security-related events from user activity (such as session access, or dB queries).  


No event information is available for correlation in support of corporate identity theft or data theft policy, SOX, PCI and HIPPA compliance, etc.  You are effectively blind to some of the most targeted security threats out there today.  These types of threats are not something traditional IPS can identify and log for monitoring and action, such as blocking.  What you need, is an integrated product—a collaborative solution—rather than a slew of different products that operate individually with no communication.


The best place to detect, understand, and mitigate threats to applications lies in the software itself. That’s the focus of HP ArcSight Application View.  This unique solution automatically monitors your application to provide you with threat intelligence feeds that help you defend your applications and data against threats that would otherwise go undetected.  HP ArcSight Application View helps close your security gaps that can result from improper user access and usage of applications.  For example, it might be acceptable for a user to access an application during regular business hours, but why is the user accessing it 100 times Saturday at midnight?

No other solution on the market can provide true application-level visibility of security events that are then analyzed and correlated to identify irregular internal or external application usage that would generally go unseen.  The intelligence provided enables fast analysis of:

  • Database queries
  • Error messages
  • Session login/logout
  • Other application-related threats that can lead to data theft, ID theft, and other malicious activities


HP ArcSight Application View is uniquely different from anything on the market in that no other solution captures specific application security events directly from the application.  While other solutions might be able to monitor an application and layer 7, they cannot capture the actual events from the application, events that are then correlated within ESM for unparalleled application security event intelligence.  While other solutions might be able to monitor an application and layer 7, they cannot capture the actual events from the application, events that are then correlated within ESM for unparalleled application security event intelligence.  Other solutions might be able to tell you that you have a headache, Application View can tell you exactly what is causing your headache.  Which level of detail do you prefer for your organization? 



With HP ArcSight Application View, you can detect, prevent and log application security threats through:

  • Lightweight runtime analysis agent in production environment
  • Instant application-layer security visibility
  • Detects security threats and mitigates attacks
  • Rules-based attack detection and prevention
  • Live threat and reputation intelligence updates
  • Active Application Logging—user, fraud, dB activity
  • Cloud management and reporting


Join us at HP Protect, session 1175—Visibility in network applications: HP ArcSight Application View solution, to learn more about this solution. You can also read a data sheet about the solution here.


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on ‎09-24-2013 10:51 AM

Given the growth in application specific risks, Application View is a great way to identify application related threats...especially for custom applications that typically are not built with security in mind.  

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