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Be a hero: Improve your security posture in 30 days

MarthaAviles ‎07-09-2014 08:35 AM - edited ‎09-25-2015 08:09 AM

Technology—it’s growing at a rate that’s nearly impossible to keep up with. With new data breaches and cyberattacks constantly coming to the surface, your organization can’t afford to remain static in their security posture. So what to do? You need a hero! It’s time to increase your security posture to meet today’s challenges—and it can be done in 30 days.  Be the hero.

  • Day 1: You need in-line threat protection that defends all your critical data and apps, without affecting performance and productivity. Install the HP TippingPoint Next-Generation Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) (takes less than a couple of hours--seriously) and turn on the recommended settings. According to NSS reports, this setting will give you over 80% coverage out of the box. Now sit back. Go grab a cup of coffee. Day 1 is complete.

  • Day 4: Go check out the NGIPS and…Oh, look! Donuts.

  • Day 7: You need comprehensive reputation security to keep your data safe, so log-in to the SMS and install the latest weekly digital vaccine (DV) package. Oh, wait...It’s already installed. Automatically. That was easy .

  • Day 10: After a week of network behavior data, look at the automatic reports generated of top attacks and sort via IP address and geography. Tune the policy to stop risky user behavior on your network. Maybe block some suspicious nation states with just a couple of clicks. Click. Click. Finished.

  • Day 11: Send protection status and the fully customizable at-a-glance dashboard, backed up by reports, to the management team. Look like a hero.

  • Day 13: Configure your NGFW user policies to help optimize network bandwidth. Maybe the marketing team needs access to Twitter, Facebook and all their social media feeds. But perhaps, QA doesn’t need to be streaming movies and music 12 hours a day. It’s eating up your bandwidth. 

  • Day 14: The latest DV package is automatically deployed. The network doesn’t even notice. This NGIPS is really just a bump in the wire and traffic keeps humming along. Thank god this isn’t an IDS that would just be flagging everything, not really DOING anything, and creating false positive and negatives. If you’re deploying an IDS, lets hope you have strong headache medicne at your desk.

  • Day 16 : Share your NGIPS security policies via the SMS to the next-generation firewall (NGFW).

  • Day 20: Read a blog about the latest zero-day exploit, freak out a bit, check NGIPS for coverage and see that on Day 14, you received protection on this vulnerability—proactively. Look smug.

  • Day 21: The new weekly DV package deployed. You’re covered for 10 new zero-day exploits and you didn’t have to do anything. Send email to management team relaying this coverage. They’re amazed with your security prowress. They take you to lunch.

  • Day 22: Create a custom security filter for a proprietary application and test it.

  • Day 24: Deploy the filter you created via DVToolkit and keep your network protected.

  • Day 28: Another weekly digital vaccine package! Check for any filters firing on false positives. There aren’t any. You’re almost disappointed that this is so easy. What happened to complicated network security?

  • Day 30: Send your first monthly network security report showing the amount of attacks blocked, number of vulnerabilities patched and improvement of network bandwidth utilization. Your boss says, “We need to get you a superhero cape!” Nod and smile.


Are you ready for your 30-days of superhero transformation? Learn more about TippingPoint NGIPS and be sure to join us at HP Protect in Las Vegas, September 8-11.  


HP TippingPoint Network Security solutions

When every second matters, HP TippingPoint delivers industry-leading security intelligence powered by HP TippingPoint DVLabs—keeping you ahead of the threats. With simple, reliable and effective products including TippingPoint Next-Generation Intrusion Prevention System (IPS),  TippingPoint Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW), and the TippingPoint Security Management System, we are on your side, delivering proactive network security protection.  Learn more about how HP TippingPoint can help you with your network security solutions.

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