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Re: Cisco- Buying into the security game

Raistlin Majere

I'm astounded at the lack of competency displayed in this "article".  That is all. 

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Raistlin Majere

John Welsh

If you look at Cisco historically, they buy companies to enter a market.  They bought Selsius to enter VoIP and they seem to be pretty strong there.  Sure they buy their way into markets, sometimes with good results and sometimes with not so good results (look at Flip). I agreethere is probably going to be some wait and see to figure out what is going to happen with that acquisition, but given time and money (I don't think Cisco is short on the second half of that equation) it could be a good fit.


And I think it's funny that at the top of this post talking about Cisco buying their way into security is an HP Tipping Point logo.  Because that wasn't buying into security at all.  Not judging,we are a TP reseller and sell a fair amount of it, but this post sounded a lot to me like the pot calling the kettle black.


Is this a personal opinion blog post, or an official HP viewpoint? Seems rather antagonistic, and honestly a marketing ploy for those who currently use Snort. Using the statement that Cisco *may eventually* scrap Snort is just plain FUD and not very well veiled either. Not something I would expect to see from a company that claims to be a market leader in the area.

Davi Ottenheimer
please explain how this is not the pot calling kettle black. tippingpoint was an acquisition. arcsight too. is cisco really doing anything different than hp? also, obviously cisco has been a major player in network security for many years. PIX, ASA, MARS really existed and had significant market presence while HP was buying its way into security, no?

Flame on!


Really though. Cisco security is a joke.. or an oxymoron if you will.

Pot, this is the kettle, you're black. That makes sensr to accuse Cisco of buying into the security business what with Those fine homegrown HP solutions like Tipping Point and Arcsight. Oh wait!
Ritu Sharma

I find your post to be a little like the pot calling the kettle black. HP followed the same principles when they acquired Tippingpoint, Arcsight, SPI Dynamics, Fortify to name a few of your acquisitions in the last few years. Every large software vendor who wants to enter a market not previously their stronghold follows this strategy. Why is the Cisco strategy any different?

Matthew Chambers

Interesting point of view on this portion of the market. I would have to agree that with Ciscos limited experience in the Open Source and Security spaces that the struggle will be upward. Snort claims to be the most widely deployed IDS in the world and I can't be sure what piece SF has of that market. I know that many of my companies clients use both TippingPoint, SouceFire and custom Snort boxes.


It will be interesting to see what happens between the markets for these products as the tides shift to vendors who will either drive or dive the level of innovation into the future of Security products.

Raistlin Majere

I'm astounded at the lack of competency displayed in this "article".  That is all. 

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