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Concerned about your network security? Stop attacks in their tracks with ThreatDV

MarthaAviles ‎08-05-2014 05:00 AM - edited ‎09-23-2015 03:13 PM

At HP, we know that when it comes to your network security, every second matters—that’s why we’ve developed HP TippingPoint ThreatDV.


ThreatDV is a combination of our reputation feed and malware filters that has been built to stop attacks in their tracks. Available to our customers as a subscription service, ThreatDV enables organizations to prevent and disrupt malware activity, as well as block inbound and outbound traffic trying to reach a malicious IP or DNS address.


The threat landscape is getting more and more complex, and malware more difficult to detect. Attackers are getting more sophisticated and now use anonymous proxy networks like TOR to hide where the malware came from and to where it is going. Malware is also being spread by all of those mobile devices connecting to corporate networks, using applications with vulnerabilities. Did you know that 90 percent of mobile applications have weaknesses that are vulnerable to attack? Unfortunately, this is a true, scary statistic that our HP TippingPoint security intelligence and Fortify application security help our customers address.


ThreatDV helps combat malware and stops the attackers from exfiltrating data. Malware has to follow a process to be successful in a data breach. First, it must infiltrate the victim, then infect the victim machine and finally spread and/or communicate to its master, otherwise known as "phone home" or "command and control."


However, ThreatDV is already ahead of the game. It will detect infiltration, phone-home, and command-and-control traffic, and exfiltration. Set to alert on a wide range of currently active malware families, these filters disrupt bot activity and prevent data breaches. Delivered on a weekly basis, the malware filters are constantly updated to keep our customers protected from the latest advanced threats.


When it comes to threat management, ThreatDV also includes a security intelligence feed that is a global database of malicious or undesirable IP (Internet Protocol), and Domain Name System (DNS) names. This reputation feed collects data from HP TippingPoint ThreatLinQ global intelligence network, DVLabs malware repository and honeypot network, third-party commercial sources, and open source black lists. HP TippingPoint DVLabs has recently strengthened the feed to be more robust and include malicious TOR exit nodes and additional feeds developed with HP Labs, HP’s central research organization. HP Labs conducts research in a broad range of areas, including leading-edge security research, such as developing innovative techniques to detect domain names engaged in nefarious activity.


As part of our TippingPoint security intelligence, a threat score of 0 to 100 is assigned to each entry in the reputation feed. This threat score is based on HP TippingPoint DVLabs analysis of the activity, source, category, and threat. In order to help our customers stay ahead of emerging threats and reduce security risk, our reputation feed is updated roughly every 2 hours. Now that is constant!


Also, if you are worried about the increasing number of threats using IPv6, we still have you covered. The great news here is the HP TippingPoint solutions provide native support for IPv6, so we’ll keep you covered regardless of IP protocol. HP TippingPoint will scale and grow the reputation database, malware filters and weekly digital vaccines to always help address our customers need.


HP TippingPoint ThreatDV is available to NGIPS, with an N or NX series box, customers immediately.


HP TippingPoint security intelligence want to protects customer from every angle and be your triple threat against the bad guys.


HP TippingPoint Network Security solutions

When every second matters, HP TippingPoint delivers industry-leading security intelligence powered by HP TippingPoint DVLabs—keeping you ahead of the threats. With simple, reliable and effective products including TippingPoint Next-Generation Intrusion Prevention System (IPS),  TippingPoint Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW), and the TippingPoint Security Management System, we are on your side, delivering proactive network security protection.  Learn more about how HP TippingPoint can help you with your network security solutions.


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