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Fortify on Demand Mobile releases the HP Mobile Application Security Vulnerability Report

markpainter ‎11-19-2013 07:20 AM - edited ‎01-21-2016 12:55 PM

Fifteen years ago, organizations without a web presence ran the risk of falling hopelessly behind their competitors. In banking and retail, the pressure to conduct business via the web was even more keenly felt. Now, the same holds true for organizations without mobile applications. And just as with their web counterparts, the understandable pressure for organizations to release mobile applications as quickly as possible too often sees security concerns left unaddressed.


HP Fortify on Demand Mobile examined more than 2,000 mobile applications from more than 600 companies to ascertain the true current state of mobile application security. The data revealed alarming realities regarding the sheer number of applications vulnerable to attack, as well as the most common and easily addressable vulnerability errors.  An astounding 9 in 10 of the mobile applications we tested revealed some form of serious vulnerability. 97% of the applications tested inappropriately accessed private information sources within a device. Another 86% of the apps tested lacked the means to protect themselves from common exploits, such as misuse of encrypted data, cross-site scripting and insecure transmission of data.


For more information regarding these findings, view the report. There you can learn:


  • What vulnerabilities plague mobile applications
  • What mistakes mobile application developers most often make
  • The steps organizations can immediately take to protect their mobile data

And be sure to watch the video to see if you can spot the four mobile vulnerabilities!


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