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HP ArcSight introduces all-in-one SIEM virtual appliance

Sri_Karnam ‎07-09-2014 09:18 AM - edited ‎06-10-2015 09:04 AM

HP ArcSight recently introduced an all-in-one SIEM appliance to enable simple, rapid deployment of security analytics. As the threat landscape grows increasingly complex, the appliance detects threats and attacks in real-time--providing security professionals with insight into security events through a single intuitive interface. Pre-built rules, reports, and dashboards bring clarity to security and compliance analytics--offering valuable intelligence to keep your organization safe.




  • Simplicity of the software makes the virtual appliance a great starter tool for security analytics
  • Collects, stores, and analyzes all security events from a single virtual interface
  • Provides analytics for millions of security events logged through Firewall, IPS, endpoint, and flows
  • Detects suspicious and malicious behavior missed by end point security devices
  • Combats advanced persistent threats (APTs), attacks, insider threats, malware, user access, and zero-day threats
  • Built-in security dashboards and audit reports enable visualization of threats and compliance in real-time
  • Simplified pricing with 1-year term licensing
  • Customer support and community support subscriptions are bundled with the solution
  • No license enforcement on the number of devices or users

HP ArcSight SIEM provides a Big Data analytics approach to enterprise security, transforming Big Data into actionable intelligence that can reduce the cost of a breach and help minimize business risk. The volume of data has exploded, making it difficult to identify the high-risk anomalies or trends that exist in event logs while cyber criminals have become more sophisticated, camouflaging their attacks inside the mountains of data.


Today’s threat landscape requires a multi-layered approach to security, but customers need a simple and thorough way to identify threats and detect suspicious behavior,” said Patrick Smith, Director of Solutions, Avnet Technology Solutions. “The HP ArcSight Express virtual appliance enables security professionals to efficiently monitor firewalls, IPS, end point security and more – ensuring that everything from zero-day threats to APTs are accounted for and protected against.” Avnet is one of the largest channel partners for HP Enterprise Security.


Detect threats in real time



HP ArcSight SIEM is a market-leading solution for collecting, correlating, and reporting on security event information. Using thousands of different types of device and application connectors, HP ArcSight SIEM provides a central point for analysis of daily business operations. Armed with all this data, the real-time correlation capabilities of HP ArcSight SIEM can detect unusual or unauthorized activities as they occur.


Answer: Who? What? Where? When?


Analyze and correlate security events from all security devices, applications, and infrastructure items. Combining the analytics with a pre-built rule set from HP ArcSight Express to report and alert on the events that matter to you. The user monitoring and industry-leading reputation database from HP helps you answer questions such as: Who did it? What did they do? Where? When?


Built-in dashboards for real-time security analytics



The virtual appliance includes built-in reports for malware activity, firewall, IPS, endpoint logs, and user activity. These dashboards help you understand the threats and risks that enable you to make smart decisions about where to spend your security team’s time and attention. Also included are dashboards that monitor critical infrastructure, such as Cisco® appliances, Microsoft® Windows®, and Linux servers to quickly report on business critical infrastructure.


Simplified deployment through virtual image



The HP ArcSight Express virtual appliance is a simple to deploy security analytics solution. The support and community helps you to gain quick time to value. Built-in and optional report packs provide powerful yet simple audit reports, compliance dashboards, and security snapshots reducing the time and effort required to keep your business secure.


Get started with a virtual SIEM solution to protect your most critical device and scale as you learn about its potential in keeping your organization safe. It has simple pricing with a single SKU of 250 EPS. You can simply scale by adding multiple modules up to 1250 EPS. HP ArcSight Express is also available with a perpetual license with optional support. Upgrade to an enterprise SIEM as your data volume and use cases scale.

Compliance reporting for multiple regulations


HP ArcSight Express is compatible with HP ArcSight Compliance Insight Packages (CIP) and can be used to deliver a set of common compliance monitoring controls that can be applied to multiple regulations including Sarbanes-Oxley, PCI DSS, FISMA, NERC, and HIPAA.


For more information on HP ArcSight Express SIEM Virtual Appliance, visit here or call your local HP sales/channel representative.

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I need demo version of HP Archsight Express. Please facilitate in this regard.




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