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HP’s approach to Security Analyst Training—Think like a bad guy

‎04-10-2014 06:00 AM - edited ‎06-09-2015 11:31 AM

In today’s world, you have to know more than just about your product—you have to know how to SECURE your product. And you have to know how to do it from both the inside out, and the outside in. HP’s approach to security is to “think like a bad guy”…and it’s working.


We know the goal of security is to keep your network assets and critical information safe—and to do that, you need a properly trained security analyst. Not only do they need to understand and be trained in the technologies you use in your business, but they need to know the criminal marketplace. Your security analyst needs to know the tools, the way attackers can get in, and they need to be able to predict the next possible threat to your organization.


The HP Analyst Training Program is built around preparing analysts to understand advanced attackers. We go beyond technology and train our analysts in criminal psychology and intelligence analysis. We teach them to learn what the criminals are after, how they move around in your network, and how they plan to monetize their attacks. Essentially, our analyst training teaches you to understand both the technologies you use to defend yourself, and the tools attackers use to break in.


Watch this short video to learn more about HP’s approach to security analyst training and pretty soon, you’ll be thinking like a bad guy!

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