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MarthaAviles ‎09-17-2013 06:23 AM - edited ‎09-25-2015 08:36 AM

The security industry evolves around computing evolution.  For example, the advent of PCs triggered the virus, which led us to the AV industry. Networked workstations and servers triggered the system breach, which gave us the firewall industry.  Every security industry can be traced back to computing.  However, no matter how computing evolves, the technological foundation of security remains the same.  Every security product out there is based on:

  • Authentication
  • Access Control
  • Inspection
  • Encryption
  • Monitoring
  • Analytics


The key to a complete security product is to ensure it evolves with the computing.  Even if it means cloud computing or BYOD.  Those aren’t just buzz words -- if a security product doesn’t evolve, it is pointless...  Today’s technological landscape requires a more robust set of security technologies and products; those that involve the form factor of product, delivery, management and integration. It needs to support and manage multiple devices, balance security and network performance, and stay ahead of threats. Enter HP TippingPoint IPS and Next-Generation Firewall.



HP TippingPoint Next-Generation Security—Customer Case Study

Recently, we assisted a large Financial Services Customer in implementing HP TippingPoint next-generation security into their network (NGIPS). Our security design for their IPS implementation was to keep it simple—after all, you can be secure without stopping good traffic.  Our goal was to get support from the stakeholders across the company through communication and check points, develop testing routine (including security and performance testing), and to analyze output to provide an actionable plan.


We understand that reliability is key when implementing an IPS.  With a large organization, you also have to expect some level of flexibility.  NGIPS is designed to grow as your organization scales—it can withstand any expected (and unexpected) growth, as well as develop life-cycle for replacing equipment in stages.

To make it even more convenient, the physical architecture is deployed inline, and inline IPS segments pass through a ZPHA segment to protect from:

  • Rebooting IPS
  • IPS power failures
  • Physical replacement of IPS


It’s also key that it can collaborate with other security controls, as well as increase efficiency across all security controls through firewalls, web security, and host-based controls.  With the implementation of HP TippingPoint IPS, our Financial Services customer saw:

  • 1.3-2million blocked connections per week using RepDV
  • Zero reported false positives in 15 months (Previously, there were 80 or greater per week.)
  • 75 percent total reduction in reported malware incidents


New TippingPoint 5GB Next-Generation Firewall

In order to keep up with today’s threat landscape, HP TippingPoint is introducing its latest security evolution: the Next-Generation firewall.  Launched today, the Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW), is built on the same security intellignce and technology foundation as IPS. NGFW is complimentary to HP’s foundational network security measures (embedded L2/3 security, FW/VPN, DVPN, Unified Wired/Wireless, IMC NAC, BYOD). 


NGFW allows us to design a more complete and comprehensive solution for our customers—and ultimately helps to shorten your sales cycle—addressing security concerns and risks holistically (e.g., BYOD or Cloud).  We can now offer more security, application visibility and control through improved visibility and control of applications running on the network.


Recently, we tested our new 5Gb NGFW with Ixia ( utilizing a 3-step, real-world simulation:

  • Create—Application and threat intelligence
  • Control—Simulation and testing
  • Transform—IT lifecycle resiliency


The performance test showed that the 5GB NGFW maintained the throughput level at close to 5GB before and after next-generation features were turned on—proving that a secure network does not mean a slow network.


HP has a security advantage in terms of breadth and depth; we are first in the industry to demonstrate and productize a SDN security solution.  We invite you to learn more about HP TippingPoint Next-Generation Firewall, by visiting our site:


See how we can help you achieve effective network security without compromising performance by attending our session today to watch the next-generation firewall in action: Security without Compromise.


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