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Traffic jam, Big data, and security analytics

Sri_Karnam ‎12-05-2013 10:15 AM - edited ‎07-07-2015 10:24 AM


Last weekend was a long weekend and I drove with my family from San Diego to San Francisco. It took almost forever to cover something that should have taken 8 hours drive. It was still better than for most people who got stuck on the main freeway I-5 and as I was reading about it, I saw that most people took over 12 hours to go between Los Angeles and San Jose. It should have been done in 6 hours on a good day.


While driving, at least for me, the most frustrating part is to see 10-15 miles of road ahead looking like a parking lot, and getting stuck on traffic jam. I would not mind driving 10% more distance if it saves even 5% of the time. However, one tool really helped me save at least 4 hours. Not just the time saving, but that tool helped me travel at max speed at most times. Waze a mobile app on iPhone really helped me pick alternate routes and augmented my vanilla navigation with big data such as traffic, jams, police, shoulder work, and more. It kept talking to me about what's happening on the road and ensured that I never took surprise of any slow traffic as it kept me aware of my route.


This blog is not about my driving skills or Waze mobile that Google bought. It is about how big data analytics through traffic feeds helped me save time, money, frustration, and not spoil my good vacation on the road. HP ArcSight is exactly like this Waze app for the security analytics. At first, people perceive this as complex, dificult to use, or lot of information to process. However, security is a hard problem and ArcSight makes it easier to solve the security issues.


Your normal security point solutions or IT operations tools are like Google maps. Good enough to go point from point A to B when things are normal and you are sure of many variables. However if you see the current threat landscape, it is not the case. No two days are same and no two incidents are similar. It is always some new issue, some new source targeting a source in your organization. Pretty much like a holiday traffic that converts 500 mile freeway into a parking lot. You need big data analytics to be augmented on your IT just like Waze does for maps or ArcSight does on your machine data.


Think again. For more information visit.

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