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ALM Patch 10

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ALM Patch 10

Has anyone successfully installed ALM Patch 10?  I get a failure when it trys to deploy the change.  I've installed Patch 3,5 and 9 without issues


Re: ALM Patch 10

Hi Steve.  I'm currently in the middle of attempting this myself.  What error message(s) are you getting?  I'm running into "SA Schema is not accessible".

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Re: ALM Patch 10

I'm getting the same message.  Here is the entire message:


WorkerTask: Deploy engine failed com.mercury.optane.core.CTdException: SA Schema is not accessible at com.hp.qc.install.setup.QcServerConfigurationBean.setRepositoryPathFromSASchema(QcServerConfigurationBean.java:735) at com.hp.qc.install.core.configuration.AbstractInstallationConfiguration.takeRepositoryFromSATables(AbstractInstallationConfiguration.java:552) at com.hp.qc.install.deploy.wizard.QcDeployWorkerTask$1.run(QcDeployWorkerTask.java:96) at com.hp.qc.install.setup.AbstractWorkerTask$ActualTask.<init>(AbstractWorkerTask.java:143) at com.hp.qc.install.setup.AbstractWorkerTask$2.construct(AbstractWorkerTask.java:75) at com.hp.qc.install.setup.SwingWorker$2.run(SwingWorker.java:114) at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:619)


Re: ALM Patch 10

Steve, we have solved the problem - in our case, it was because we had relocated the DB server since the last patch (9), and there was a configuration file that was still pointing to the old DB server.


The file is located at 'C:\ProgramData\HP\ALM\conf'\qcConfigFile.properties'.


The 'dbConnectionString' value was still pointing to the old DB server.


I think that the Server Configuration Wizard might have been able to fix this, but we just updated the file directly and the patch installed successfully!


Hopefully this will help you solve your problem.



Fred Gaumont

HPE Blogger

Re: ALM Patch 10

Well done. Thank you Mr. Gaumont!

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Re: ALM Patch 10


There three firlds to change

Then start to work for me.

Thank you for solution !!!