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ALM Report Generator: Missing content and formatting issues.

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ALM Report Generator: Missing content and formatting issues.

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I've generated several DFR reports using the ALM Project Report Generator tool.  I've customized and uploaded the following:


Document Template

Styles Template


I've also created separate templates for different report sections.


I'm a Microsoft WORD trainer, so this has been relatively easy, and I appreciate the ability to customize the reports so easliy.   However, I have a few issues to resolve:


  1. My customized Document Template now has 3 sections, accomplished using Section Breaks in Word.  The 2nd section is formatted in Landscape, and contains embedded bitmap files.  The first and third section remain in Portrait, and contain introduction and conclusion text formatted with various heading styles and ummm - you use "Normal" and I'd like to encourage you NOT to do that!  SMILE!  You should be using the "Body Text" style.  

    PROBLEM:  The content in the second section never appears in the report generated in any format (not html, .docx, or .doc).  The stuff before and after comes through fine and uses the proper formatting from the Style Template.  Anything in Section 2 (including the section breaks) is missing.  Ideas?  This is happening on two different reports in two separate projects. 

  2. My various section templates are based on the tabular format template, and are reporting against the Requirements module.  The table in the template was customized to include one custom field (DFR #) and the Name and Description fields.

    PROBLEM:  Some text in the Description field is formatted with Arial Unicode MS/ 8pt.  The NORMAL style in the Style Document and in the template document(s) is set to  Arial 11 pt.  This only happens to SOME of the Description fields, not all.  We underwent an upgrade from QC 9.x to QC 11 (ALM) and it is possible that the descriptions effected were created/edited (usually pasted from Word) after that transition.  I've noticed that when we paste text into the description the font is changed from what it was in the source.  I cannot find a way to SET the font in ALM using any of the formatting options. When I paste FROM the ALM description to a blank Word document, the font is set to "Arial Unicode MS" 8pt.  My question is.... how do I get these particular fields to use the formatting contained in the styles template instead of retaining the formatting from their source environment?

All ideas welcome!  THANKS!

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Re: ALM Report Generator: Missing content and formatting issues.

Also noticed the following:

TOC does not pick up correct TOC styles until the TOC is updated.

SOME Heading styles do not pick up correct formatting (from Styles document) until the style is reapplied in the final document.

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Re: ALM Report Generator: Missing content and formatting issues.

Hi!  I'm a newbie ALM 11.52 project administrator and am struggling with exactly the same issues as you describe.  Did you have any luck with either the Landscape or the Font size issues?

Cheers! Brad from Perth.

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Re: ALM Report Generator: Missing content and formatting issues.


I have that same problem. I've configured report templates in Wordx format, and by report generation all of my styles are lost.

HPALM v. 11.0

MSWord v.Office Professional 2013 PLus


Przemek from Wroclaw

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Re: ALM Report Generator: Missing content and formatting issues.



Are you using the 32 bit version of Office 2013?


Is your ALM 11.0 system running at patch level 17 or higher?  You can find this by logging in to a project and then selecting Help > About and clicking the Additional Information button.

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Re: ALM Report Generator: Missing content and formatting issues.

I have the same problem  on HP ALM 11.0 Patch 10.


I've tried everything oin changing the style template without sucess