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Migrating QC 11.0 appserver from one server to other with same siteadmin schema

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Migrating QC 11.0 appserver from one server to other with same siteadmin schema

Dear Friends,


We are in the process of migrating QC 11.0 app server from one Server (Win 2003) to other server (Win2008). We want QC to be same version and patch level as that of the old. We are not changing the database server and fileshare path and we need to retain the old siteadmin schema. Can some one show me a way how can I achieve this as during the installation process I am only given option to create a new siteadmin schema or upgrade the existing schema from old version. But in my case the Schema version remains same and hence I am only left with creating a new site admin schema. As you know I don't want new Site admin schema I will lose all my user data. Can you please give a thought and let me know how to proceed.


Thanks & regards,


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Re: Migrating QC 11.0 appserver from one server to other with same siteadmin schema

I had to do this same thing, and opened a case with HP support to get guidance.  This is what they provided.


  1. Install the new ALM server and use the same DB server if you want to keep it.
  2. During the installation use the same schema password and same passphrases.
  3. Make sure you use different site admin schema name because if you use the same name it will fail.
  4. Move the repository from the old server from to the new one.
  5. Once the new server is ready shut down the old one.
  6. Edit the siteadmin.xml file and point it to the old siteadmin schema name. In that way you can keep your users details.
  7. Then remove the project and edit the project dbid.xml file in order to point the correct repository location.
  8. Restore the project.

On my app server I found the Siteadmin.xml document at

c:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\HP\ALM\application\20qcbin.war\WEB-INF\siteadmin.xml

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Re: Migrating QC 11.0 appserver from one server to other with same siteadmin schema

Hi Trudy,


Thanks a lot for the reply. I too got the same answer from HP. In QC 10.0 I use to select the existing schema and it was working alright. Somehow this feature got removed in 11.0 and HP is saying it is available in 11.5. Coming to my problem, I have implemented the above procedure and everything seems to be working  alright except one small issue where verify projects throws a warning with red text. The verification report says "Operating system user does not have necessary permissions on the project subfolder", surprisingly at the end it says "Verification passed with errors that cannot be fixed by verifcation tool". The same service account in the my old server(pointing to same fileshare) works with out any issues. We also got the confirmation from our N/W admins that the service account has got full rights on the fileshare and on it's subfolders. I think I can live with this issue for the time being as I can still activate my projects and work seemlessly. Have you ever come across this issue?


Thanks & Regards,