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AD Scheme Installation

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AD Scheme Installation

Morning All,

I'm trying to install the AD Scheme Extender in our test domain before putting it into the live enrironment, but getting an error which I dont understand.

The Error is:

Now, I'm using the local admin account, which is a member of the Scheme Admin's group, but that doesent work. I've since created another login, which is only a member of Scheme Admin's and again, this does not work still...

I've attached some screen shots, so if anyone can give me some pointers?



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Re: AD Scheme Installation

A couple of things to try... First, make sure the users are also Domain Admins. Second, you do not mention which version of the utility you are using so try changing the login name from Domain/Username to Username@Domain and see if that lets you in or changes the message.
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Re: AD Scheme Installation

Sorry - Should have replied earlier. I have got this working OK...Was a setting in the Schema manager which needed changing, allowing expansion. It was in the instructions, but I didnt see it :$

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event