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Automatic AD LO processor object creation

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Automatic AD LO processor object creation

I am looking for a programatic way of creating the Lights-Out processor objects in AD and assigning role membership.

Sure, I can manually run the Lights-Out Migration utility, but I want this process completely automated when my team builds new servers. I already have a script that automates every other aspect of the iLO configuration, including LO hostname (it's based off the server's hostname).

Sifting through the sample scripts, I found a way to auto-configure the directory settings on the board, but that doesn't seem very useful if I still have to use the migration utility.

What am I missing?
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Re: Automatic AD LO processor object creation

Assuming that you have some lights-out management (LOM) processors integrated and working with the directory, then the missing step would seem to be object creation in the directory.

The HP Directory Schema Information Booklet describes in detail all of the LOM objects used by iLO in the directory:

The standard is to create a unique LOM object for each iLO processor. The LOM object lists applicable LOM roles, although a unique role is not required for each object.

Technically, you could point all of the iLO processors at the same LOM object. The consequence of this is that all iLO processors would be treated identically, and it might not make sense across directory partitions. Furthermore, it could break the assumed model if changes or enhancements are introduced in the future.
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Re: Automatic AD LO processor object creation

I still don't have a way to programmatically create processor objects in AD, but you gave me an even better solution.

I didn't realize I could assign more than one iLO board to a single AD processor object. So I made one for each site here, and since my "package" for setting up the Lights-Out cards is already site-aware, it associates the iLO board with the appropriate processor object.

I've tested it by resetting an iLO card to manufacturer defaults, then rebuilding the server it was in.

Now all Lights-Out configuration is 100% automated! Thank you!
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Re: Automatic AD LO processor object creation

Glad it helps. By the way, I think you can use VB script to create objects in the directory.

In the HP Directories Support package, a utility called HPQLOMGC.exe is installed and documented in a PDF.

The utility is a command-line version of the directory migration utility that is intended for scripted directory deployments. I am sure that this can be used to create the proper LOM objects in the directory.
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Re: Automatic AD LO processor object creation

HPQLOMGC.exe was exactly what I was looking for. Even though I don't need it anymore (thanks to your previous tip), I tested it out and it worked quite nicely. I didn't immediately see a way to define more than one Role per Object, but I didn't dig too deeply.

Thanks again!
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Re: Automatic AD LO processor object creation

I'm trying to do the same with the ILO Mig scriting utility, my question is can a variable be used in the .xml file for the


If not how can i use the same script for multiple hosts.

Also if anyone knows where i can find the .pdf guild for the scripting utility I would be grateful if you could point me in the right direction
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Re: Automatic AD LO processor object creation

I found, there was no need to create a unique object for each iLO adapter. Instead, I created one iLO object in AD, defined all permissions there, and pointed all iLO adapters at my only iLO object.

If you still want to programatically create objects, you could always generate your xml file with a simple batch script. For example:

set Config_File="%Temp%\iLOConfig.xml"
echo ^>> %Config_File%

The carats (^) are escape characters in batch, telling the echo statement to echo the < instead of treating it as a redirect.

Re: Automatic AD LO processor object creation

Hi all,
Can you tell me where I can find the exe provided by hp to automate the configuration of ilo (hostname, dns etc)

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Re: Automatic AD LO processor object creation

To get these utilities, you can use these steps:
1) browse to
2) pick an iLO product
3) pick "Software and Drivers"
4) pick your OS (such as Windows Server 2003) and click "locate software"

For scripting documentation and examples, get: HP Lights-Out XML Scripting Sample for Windows

For configuration from Windows to the iLO processor in the same host, get: HP Lights-Out Online Configuration Utility for Windows 2000/Windows Server 2003

For configuration from Windows to lights-out processors over the network, get: HP Lights-Out Configuration Utility

There is also support for Linux.
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Re: Automatic AD LO processor object creation

When I try to run the HPQLOMGC command I get the following error:

"File or assembly name NetworkUtils, or one of its dependencies, was not found."

Anyone have an idea as to where the error is coming from? Is it coming from my xml file or from the initial command line?

Any help would be appreciated...