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Check Drive status

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Check Drive status

We've always used ML350G6 systems with HP Smart Array 410i storage controllers. We used to read out ILO drive status with our monitoring tool (PRTG) with a self written sensor.

We recently accuired two DL380G7 and want to check the drive status through the ILO3 sensors.

When we check the site and the system information on this site we cannot see the drive status, when we logon to the ilo using SSH and do the folowing:

hpiLO-> show /system1/drives


We've updated the smartarray and the ilo to the latest firmwares but we cannot see the drive status.

Does anyone have an idea?
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Re: Check Drive status

Does really no one know anything about this? You guys should surrely should know what has changed between generations?
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Re: Check Drive status

Did you ever solve this? I'm having the same problem; want to monitor a SmartArray only by using the ilo interface but i just cannot find out how this is done.


Been doing it on hp servers forever. What differs this server is that it is a VMWare host os, not a Windows host os with all of HP's windows-apps installed.


From what i've understood; monitoring with SNMP through ILO-card is only possible with Windows as host OS (so that all hp-apps can be installed).