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Default password for add-in iLO

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Default password for add-in iLO



We have a DL160 G6 server which was not originally ordered with iLO, so we ordered the HP Dedicated Management Port Kit (P/N 516006-B21) and successfully installed it.  I was able to configure the IP settings for the management port via the IPMI menus in the BIOS, and I can get to the iLO in a browser, but I can't figure out how to log in.  The kit did not include any instructions for logging in (it only included installation instructions), and my Google searches have been fruitless.  Does anyone know what the default credentials are for this add-in iLO board?




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Re: Default password for add-in iLO

Bah! Turns out the password was changed at the time the board was installed (several months ago), but the change wasn't documented.  I figured it out.


Re: Default password for add-in iLO

Glad you resolved your issue. For future reference, the management board in that system is not an iLO; it is an HP Lights-Out 100i or more commonly called a LO100

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